BBIT Token: Connecting the Blockchain, Metaverse, and Real World

BBIT Token is the ultimate bridge that brings together
the best of the blockchain, metaverse, and real world into a seamless ecosystem.
  • Boosting Business Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence
  • Access a network of preferred providers
  • Create a win-win scenario

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STMX Token

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What is BBIT Token?

Boostabit is the innovative concept that connects several different businesses both in real life and metaverse, creating synergies that drive growth and value for providers and users alike. At the heart of the platform is the proprietary BBIT Utility token, which serves as a bridge between providers and users, unlocking exclusive opportunities.

Buy BBIT Token

By holding BBIT, users can access a network of preferred providers and unlock exclusive discounts, promotions, and perks that would not be available otherwise. This creates a win-win scenario where businesses benefit from increased exposure and access to new markets, while users enjoy better deals and experiences.

Tokensale Stages


1 BBIT = 0,000082850 USD

Minimum transaction: $ 100

Maximum transaction: $ 10,000


Round 1: 0,000096432 USD
Round 2: 0,000110497 USD
Round 3: 0,000125156 USD
Fixed Price: 0,000280000 USD

Minimum transaction: $ 100

Maximum transaction: unlimited

Token Structure

Cost of 1 BBIT token: 0.00028 USD
Note: The value of the hard caps for each single phase are subject to change based on the volumes of Tokens sold and the relative discount applied
Technical limitation of tokens: 60,000,000,000
Soft cap: $ 1,816,080
Hard cap: $ 3,361,680
Community & Services
Team & Advisors
Investors & Public sale
Community rewards and loyalty
Locked for future use

Soft-cap Budget Allocation

  • 40% Marketing & Network

    Advertising and public relations, community expansion for diffusion in various international markets and integration of procedures and applications and network

  • 13% Integration

    adaptation and international integration of the platform

  • 26% Development

    programming and creation of platform sections and web structure, technical implementation, app development (iOs, Android)

  • 2% Legal

    coverage for dispute resolution and international compliances

  • 16% Internal business

    Project development, collaborators, administrative expenses and staff

  • 3% It & Admin

    Servers, infrastructures and administrative management


Q2 2023
Phase 1 - Research and Development
Q1-Q3 2024
Phase 3 - Platform Development
Q1 onward 2025
Phase 6 - Expansion and Growth
Q3-Q4 2023
Phase 2 - BBIT Utility Token Development
Q3-Q4 2024
Phase 4 - Testing and Deployment
Q4 2024
Phase 5 - Marketing and Outreach

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